The DreamZone training has been adapted in part from The People’s Institute For Survival and Beyond’s Undoing Racism curriculum and United We Dream’s UndocuPeers curriculum. The NMDT has successfully developed its own curriculum which aligns with the needs and experiences of the undocumented community in the context of New Mexico alongside coaching from great UndocAlly organizations and departments such as the UNM Community Engagement Center, UNM El Centro de la Raza, and New Mexico Asian Families Center.

The Dream Zone from (Un)Documented Stories on Vimeo.

This training aims to liberate our campuses from discriminatory and racist policies which affect the undocumented immigrant community of color. As the NMDT we aim to bring institutional and systematic change alongside our UndocuAllies.

This training is to be a creative and liberating learning space open and welcoming to all; A space for community members and UndocuAllies to collaborate and move forward in creating an improved educational environment therein helping bring justice to our undocumented population.