Our Dream Campus!

Our Dream Campus


Since the election of Donald Trump, our country has experienced an increase in openly clear attacks against people of color, immigrants, refugees, workers, and LGBTQ folks. Beginning with the travel ban for people coming from Muslim majority countries, an increase in funding for immigration enforcement across the country for the sole purpose of hurting and separating immigrant and refugee families, and enacting policies nationwide which undermine all progress made to provide equal access to justice and protection to LGBTQ folks.

Going even further, the current administration is trampling on students’ ability to thrive in their campuses due to fear of discrimination, enforcement or deportation that is being fueled by the white supremacist Trump regime. In response, the NM Dream Team is creating an institutional procedure model that can be replicated at educational institutions across the state and the country to ensure the fostering of welcoming and supportive environments in schools and colleges –through policy changes reflective of community needs– that will provide students with the sense of freedom and inclusion they need and deserve to be able to succeed and thrive.

Why create Dream Campuses?

All students have an undeniable right to freedom and opportunity. So far, Trump’s agenda has been clear to drown community and student voices with hate, separation and fear. But we know the great power that lies in our commitment to ensure the safety and well being of our loved ones and those in our communities. Because no student should fear deportation, discrimination, being singled-out, persecuted or even the possibility of losing their lives simply because of their identity in any intersectionality –such as immigration status or sexual identity –which they embody through their pursue for freedom, opportunity and inclusion.

What do we mean by Dream Campus?

Educational institutions are meant to be  liberating spaces for individuals to grow in character and to find the opportunities to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Campuses around the country are supposed to foster freedom, opportunity and inclusion for all students regardless of citizenship status, gender, physical capabilities or sexual identity. These are the ideals that a Dream Campus embodies: an institution where everyone can thrive and feel supported in their growth as a contributing member of society, without the fear of being alienated due to their identities and intersectionalities.

How do we create a Dream Campus?

By providing access to trainings and policy proposals to educators, campus administrators and education leaders, we are able to begin the conversation for the much needed institutional changes that are needed to reflect the student needs and make-up of every campus. Change begins by exposing educators to specialized professional development training that heightens their awareness to intersectional issues for people of color, immigrants and LGBTQ folks on campus, and also provides opportunities to create changes by working alongside directly affected communities. Thus, by immersing educators to take an active role in working with students to create policy and institutional changes that will foster thriving learning environments for all. We will ensure students live without fear and with freedom, educators and eventually institutions, will create a support system for students whose identities and intersectionalities have historically placed them in a place of disadvantage to be able to succeed and thrive academically.

What can you do to support the campaign?

Three-tier Model Breakdown (click here for graphic)

Friendly Campus Status


  1. Immersing campus members (faculty, staff, counselors, administrators) in Dream Zone trainings
  2. Create an ‘educators organizing body’ to support ‘Our Dream Campus!’ leaders in each institution
  3. Develop an official student organization that works with the ‘educators organizing body’
  4. Release of statement/resolution creating commitment from institution to foster freedom, opportunity & inclusion
  5. Training opportunities for career services officers on economic development for immigrant and undocumented students
  6. Prevent criminalization of students by updating Campus Police manual
  7. Campus uplifts the intersectional identities of its historically marginalized students


Welcoming Campus Status


  1. Meets all requirements of a ‘Friendly Campus’
  2. Creates an administrative body designed to support immigrant, LGBTQ+ , and students of color
  3. Creates a protocol distributed throughout campus departments in response to ICE activity to prevent student detentions and deportations
  4. Ensure department administrators are immersed in Dream Zone trainings
  5. Actively distribute Deportation Defense and Immigration Legal Aid resources to families
  6. Creates accessible and competent health initiatives inclusive to immigrant, LGBTQ+, and students of color.


Dream Campus Status


  1. Implement mandatory adapted version of the Dream Zone training to all current and incoming staff
  2. Campus creates a physical department dedicated to providing resources for undocumented students
  3. Campus offers professional fellowship opportunities for undocumented students
  4. Campus is active in policy writing, advocacy, and lobbying in local and federal govt. in support of immigrant, LGBTQ+, and  students of color and their families