Projects & Campaigns

Education Justice – DreamZone

DREAMZone is a professional development and civic engagement opportunity for educators to become “UndocuAllies” and be proactive on reforming the education system for undocumented students and families. This training has been developed and is led by undocumented youth.

Education Justice – Educators Summit

The Educators Summit is an annual student-led professional development conference that provides educators with issue based workshops to bring awareness to the distinct barriers undocumented students face beyond their immigration status; such as being people of color, low income status, first generation, LGBTQ+, etc. We will space for coalition building to make every campus a Dream Campus, and provide holistic support to its historically marginalized students and families.

Our Dream Campus

‘Our Dream Campus’ is a campaign led by students, educators and allies designed to increase the capacity of schools and colleges in NM in regards to the support they offer to people of color, LGBTQ folks and immigrant students.

The DreamZone Training is a professional development opportunity for educators to become “UndocuAllies” for undocumented students and families. This training has been developed by Undocumented youth to voice their experiences through the higher education system. 


NMDT values and believes in conducting research with the purpose of liberating, and facilitating a healing environment for our community. The UndocuResearch works to implement and facilitate the healing process of our undocumented and mixed status families. We aim to collect and give value to the stories of our undocumented and mixed status population and to reclaim our spaces through Community Participatory Research.

Economic Development

empowers low-income immigrant youth, families, and entrepreneurs through education, organizing tactics, advocacy, and legal services related to tax law, consumer protection, financial literacy, and business development in order to increase stability and economic development for underserved marginalized communities in Albuquerque and rural New Mexico.


(Un)Documented Stories is a photo/video-story project to create a narrative shift amongst the immigrant community across the U.S. This project is about empowering communities through the documentation of their stories that have been relegated and undermined in American society –the personal and family stories– that make up the fabric of the immigrant community and the U.S. as a whole. From being able to self-identify, self-empower and self-advocate as being undocumented immigrants, we haven’t yet been able to document our stories and experiences as the same. The lack of this narrative documentation has prevented us from reclaiming our time in history. This project focuses on closing that gap, by reclaiming our legacy and bringing our humanity back.

Deportation Defense

NMDT and our Deportation Defense coordinator, Nora Hernandez , have been working to fight deportations across New Mexico with a community driven focus . We are committed to using our state wide relationships to ensure that we focus on ALL of New Mexico. Our plan focuses on using the life-blood of New Mexico, our communities , to fight back when the administration, both DC and in Santa Fe, try to tear our families apart. This allows for local leaders to rise up and get the resources and help they need to protect their loved ones!


UndocuNews is a web series produced by the New Mexico Dream Team’s communication department. The focus of the series is to inform immigrant families of the most current news and trending immigration topics. The series covers a variety of issues that intersect with the immigrant community like healthcare, education, and politics. The series also covers news related to immigration enforcement like ICE detentions, deportations, and the separation of undocumented families in the country. Currently in its second season, UndocuNews has helped inform thousands of members of our community here in New Mexico and across the nation.